Welcome to The Shop WH online ordering

Retail Hours: 8am-10:00pm  
Reserve Pickup
: 12pm-9:30pm 
Delivery Hours
: 1pm-9pm
Happy Hours: 8am-10am & 7pm-9pm

We begin accepting orders at 12pm. There is a $50 (before tax) minimum and no charge for delivery. Your first 6 visits with us will receive a 10% discount.

1. To begin your order, add the items to your basket that you wish to purchase and click "checkout" at the top right corner of the menu. 

You can use our filters (located to the right of search bar) to refine your search by strain type, category and more. 

2. Select either "delivery" or "pick up" and select your payment type. For credit or debit card transactions regarding a delivery, expect a call from us to process your card over the phone before we arrive. We never keep your information on file and you are provided an itemized receipt and credit card receipt at the time of delivery. 

Pick-up orders are same-day only and will be canceled at 10pm if they have not been collected before then. Payment for pick-up orders will occur in-store.

3. Enter your address (if placing delivery order). Please note that the address you list must be a private address and the location you plan to accept the delivery at (e.g.: NOT up the street or the house next door). We will not deliver to bars. Some addresses outside our delivery perimeter may still be subject to delivery with a higher minimum order. If you live in a large-scale multi-unit apartment building, you may be asked to meet our driver at your building's front entryway. Please refer to map below for delivery perimeter:

Screenshot (38)_LI.jpg

4. If you have special directions or instructions for your order, please note them in the "order notes" section before clicking "Place Order." 

5. If this is your first visit with us or you have not previously created a Meadow profile, you will be prompted for phone number and e-mail address, as well as your identification. If you have a currently existing profile from visiting us or another shop utilizing Meadow, you will be asked for your password. If you do not remember a password, click "forgot password" and a one-time use password will be sent to the phone number/e-mail address you provided. This profile is completely private and your information can only be seen once you have granted a new shop access. You can update your password as well as expired identification/medical recommendations or change of contact info once you are signed into your account. 

Please have your physical ID (and card if applicable) on hand when accepting your delivery/pick up order for our driver or sales associate to verify. Orders may only be accepted by the person who placed the order. 

If you require assistance or have any questions regarding product or the ordering process, please call our storefront at (818) 884-5638 and speak to one of our associates.